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Dr. Susan K. Faron
Diplomate Jungian Analyst and Psychologist offering psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, dream analysis and stress reduction for adults and couples in greater Walnut Creek, California, including Alamo, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, and San Ramon

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"The right way to wholeness is through fateful detours and wrong turnings.

-- C.G. Jung

Wise Old Woman Seminar

Wise Old Woman Seminar

Open Enrollment - One Spot Available

"But God himself cannot flourish if a man's soul is starved. The feminine psyche responds to this hunger, for it is the function of Eros to unite what Logos has sundered."
C.G. Jung, 1970

Searching for individuals to explore the wise old woman spirit, a missing, but vital part of our psyche that is critically needed in our world today. Why? Because, as an aspect of the feminine divine, this wisdom spirit requires the engagement and partnership of humans in order to save the world from self-extinction.

Thus, the creation of an experiential seminar for exploring the Wise Old Woman spirit awaits your response. I am searching for one or two more participants who are curious, open, humble and willing to engage with this old/new archetype of the feminine. Note that the feminine resides in men, as well, and this is an area of greatest significance to them.

After 30 years of practicing psychology, I began studying Analytical Psychology at the Centre for Depth Psychology in Switzerland and the Wise Old Woman spirit became the topic of my thesis. Jung and Von Franzí research on the Wise Old Man spirit suggested that the feminine wisdom figure was more or less a correlate of him, that is, a reflection of masculine wisdom.

In my work, the Wise Old Woman spirit comes to a life of her own as I begin to differentiate her from the Wise Old Man spirit.

Since the hundreds-of-years-old emphasis on the masculine isn't working by itself, and how sadly we see the world consequences, I hypothesized that the Wise Old Woman archetype has something to offer that is greatly needed in our lives today.

Moreover, Emma Jung serves as a case example of a life in which the Wise Old Woman spirit could be seen. I was honored to learn intimately about Emma in an interview with Andreas Jung, one of Emma and C.G.'s grandchildren.

There are neither requirements for academic or professional achievement, nor focus on theory or opinion. It is not a group for therapy, but a place for learning about and exploring the archetype of the Wise Old Woman.

The Seminar is held in my sunroom-waiting room the side of my house here in Walnut Creek and moves upstairs for refreshments and questions. It's located in an unincorporated area between Lafayette and Walnut Creek, a beautiful place to meet and shaded by lovely trees and habited by more than occasional deer.

Meetings occur every other week for one hour and a half, ongoing until the completion of the manuscript. Full fee is $75.00 per class, but a donation in lieu is fine. Personal interest is of a higher value than money. The seminar meets on every other Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30. I welcome your calls and will be glad to tell you more about this extraordinary and pioneering seminar.

Susan K. Faron, Ph.D.
Diplomate Jungian Analyst and Licensed Psychologist
Walnut Creek, California